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Átrio dos Gentios
Removing a po the secular dust
"Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be
healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much"

                                                                                          Jam 5, 16
Acceptable limit

Preamble - the rude adjustment.

A society is the average of the acceptable behaviors that it sets for itself. You may wish to live in a just
world, but the level of justice that you have will compose the possible average for the society in which
you live.

Thus, we are to this society according to the difference that exists between each element and this

Our level of corruption, crime, neglect of life, moral and physical abuse perpetrated and tolerated
reflects the exact image of who we are as a social body.

On one side are those most sensitive, as a nuisance to remind the others what should be sought, on
the other side , those who are the pathological resistence, of the being, the strongholdsof the flesh, a
channel of expression and hopes of evil. Between the two extremes we all are, or rather, most of us,
those who will do well if there is not considerable cost to the flesh and even will make the evil if it is

The laws and their implementation reflect this average, and still subjects to the insults of the
authorities, beneficiaries of the prerogatives of its execution and executing the"divine and spiritual
attributes ," will manifest at least in two ways, first concentrating  pathological beings by the the natural
vocation of substituting God, on the other hand,  by the sweetness of character, by the  environment of
power (narcissistic).

It’s not expected that in a little sacrificial environment come laws and  executions from which their
agents are their own violators. Just look at some tolerance for criminal omissions, for example, traffic
deaths due to drunknness (our numbers are an aberration in the world) it must reflect something about
us. Our tolerance is not free, exogenous or something unexplained. It is easy to imagine the behavior
of legislators, judges, politicians, lawyers, and there, on the other end, of the masses, in regard to this

Thus, death becomes a fatality, for those who fall into the trap, remains silent, the bitterness contained

We could speak of the deaths due to lack of medical care, lack of sanitation. We could list all the
chains of causes and effects that lead to criminal attitudes and diffuse.

And we could see ourselves, if we wanted, but there is the advantage of diluting the evil, no one is
indictable, unless you are on the edge of events, the elements of ordinary of escape lacks, present in
our likewise convenient procedural code, which relieves or fix any  eventual "flaws" in our "no

You can argue that good laws are born from these same social elements, but the bestaw is not so
uncompromising, it’s necessary to negotiate, after all, beyond the social pressure produced in its
"middle of justice", there is also the factor of the grantor, according to its Sovereignty.

The fine adjustment

If there is no way out of social media, how can one raise your limit?

There are two factors that promote this "voluntary act ."

The first of this stems from the need to repair themselves facing a difficulty, the relations of cause and
effect are intuitive, are not at all clear. They are surrounded by ambivalence (even Biblical: the
question of sour grapes), the denials, the difficulties of research and who knows how many other
things, and therefore, they will not be treated here. 

But, as in phrases like this: "I got down to the bottom", " if it doesn’t come through love, it comes
through pain." We have a sense of justice, as much as we put it away like a drunk tries to put a
shadow away. After a big crisis, sometimes,  conciliation becomes possible and whether this new
limit is accepted.

You can also take a tougher environment for emotional, professional  and financial reasons but this
does not concern us here.

Another reason is the discomfort when the parameters of justice are very different from the average, a
classic example is of the Puritans who settled in America (it does not mean that their righteousness
was excellent, only that it was far superior to those whom they left, and the time proved it).

The religious quest offers some conditions to overcome this limit, in general, in theory, religious
environments have higher levels than the secular society where they are inserted. These religions tend
to become as refuges for humanity.

But, let's get to what really matters, forget everything else up.

Then, for various reasons, people decide to have higher standards or be inserted into a more
demanding groups. And it happens within the church often. Many no longer have dangerous attitudes
from the social point of view (such as drinking and driving), some decide to stop stealing, using illegal
substances or harmful,  these are things that improve the government accounts, increase the
collection (yes, to Caesar what is Caesar’s ) and on the other hand, decrease the social costs. There
is a qualitative leap and seems to be heaven on earth.

Do not either forget, this is not important, it is not our issue.

After an improvement to occur, well, what happens to most of us?

Nothing much more than anything.

As good as the level of justice may be, be still, stagnant, is unbiblical: It does not match to  mashiach.

And what is the reason for this stagnation?

Because of a social consensus (or ecclesiastical) is obtained in a very elaborated way, subtle,
chronic, in a monumental effort to conceal certain peculiarities of  the being, this wonderful and
complex being that we are as humans.

But what is there to hide and what are the reasons for this hiding?

You know, you have yours, if you deny the sovereignty of God, if you avoid the Word, you know, though
you hardly admit, what you are hiding.

If you believe in the sovereignty of God and have fear of His Word, you may consider to be in the
same situation above, the only difference will be the way to avoid meeting with your God, being more
or less exposed to His Word.

Biblical texts that never saw the light of the pulpit,  slippery preaching, lack of contexts, omissions, etc,
etc, etc, and still other times, when everything above fails, a tolerable dose of hypocrisy is enough to
keep our soul unattainable.

When new leaders emerge, or when some revelations come to light, especially of members, or even
when the lack of a minimum divine manifestation brings despair to the majority, well then tensions
become unbearable, and would be promptly corrected if there was room for sharing sins, your
statement and confession of fallibility, if such things happened, but they did not occur. Experience the
bliss of ignorance, of the "respectful” silence, Blessed be the Holy Spirit that doen not ashame us (but
can not act).

Believers and unbelievers, inside or outside the church: there is a limit that is not accepted in any way,
on this line on the ground which we traced and do not let anyone pass. This  place which is “so ours" ,
which is our most naked and kind humanity ,which requires mercy, requires the blood of the lamb,
blood that purifies us, finally, this place that is ours and that ends up being the big key of hell to
humiliate and dominate us ...

We choose the social or social  church group according to our convenience and lust. And if we do not
have much to choose from, so we can only undermine, obstruct, distract, and so many other things that
make this life irrational, long tied.

Congratulations to us, who think we can hide such things, until death buries us. Often time what we
hide will come more than us, and this fatuous fire that cravens us in decades, which keeps us from
being free to love with generosity and that could often be the balm for our healing, including physical,
but we do not want.

We created an entire belief system that justifies us,  denying in loud voice the miracle of the Cross, we
deny, we, the bastions of faith, Mashiach, we deny his redemption, all because we do not want to be
exposed, we do not want to be seen as too human, we prefer to be this idol, this invention of
ourselves. This heavy idol, weighing every year, every day that adds to ourlives.

Miserabel man that I am better saying that we are!

If they let us see, our shame, like that of Mashiach, naked in front of a crowd, then there would be
redemption, we would put an end to this covenat of hell, which oppresses others whithout letting to
oppress ourselves even in greater extent.

"There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed," but this is for the last days, when it will be
impossible to be hiden, when the public exposure of many will create another sinister covenant, the
silence one, the recollection one,  and on the other side, the blackmail one,  until it all finishes in more
cliffs, after the hedonistic possiblilities are overcome.

Until then, we have to have a strong delicacy, we’ll  have to walk on eggs, until no serious connection
can remain because there won’t be no trust, no compassion, because in this condition love will get
cool, because to love is to trust and we're not able to trust anymore.

Many contacts and much superficiality, so will the love of the last days be.

The no confession of sin does nullify the sense of cause and effect, so we can not undo the knot, we
get all arrested. Without this sense, we have no justice,  without justice, we have no peace.

And not only this, we want love but every love has its share of pain, to love is to suffer at some level or
at some point, it’s part of the package, and without love, there is no joy of freedom.

That is, the complete denial of the Messiah, and for those within the church, often using the word itself
to deny Him, cause more pain and sin to themselves and to the church.

It's like the Word says, on that day we will know how insignificant was the worm that oppressed us.

Marcos Mingra

Translated from Portuguese to English by Carlos Cavalcanti
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