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Removing a po the secular dust
"since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their
consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending

                                                                                           Rom 2, 15
Three useful actions  to the follower of Moshiach

In the first three centuries after Messiah, Christianity was synonymous of death, when the risk of death
disappeared, faith had to be adapted, some,  as strategy, began to withdraw from the world (if before
this faith was dangerous to the ones who had it, now  Christianity itself was  their  worst danger,  just
observe  the  " “ Monasteries of the desert")  in sequence, the floggings began, as an attempt, without
no biblical basis to impose the rigor that the message of Moshiach proposed.

Christianity came to other phases to reach "perfection" in two stages, the feudal kingdom of
Catholicism (and its courtly love) and the dream bourgeois Protestantism (and his romantic love) that 
would appeal to Christians of almost all faiths,  even if,  or especially, emptied of Its main protagonist
and mentor.

And how to escape this trap today?

It is not the best, but it is a possible way, or rather, a way to begin the rescue, to create courage. That
would be the first step, cause it is still far from the path, the proposal here, so, it's not just to get in the
way (I wish I was brave like that), because the chances of not being able to abandon the true path is
"very" big .

The proposal, therefore, is a preparation of the soul, a way of acting to undermine the spoiled
bourgeois  that you and I are.

First, act like the inopportune Canaanite woman in Matthew 15

Spend the day calling the attention of Moshiach, ask if necessary all day, every day of your life until you
can look  at yourself in "trouble of death"  so that  he  come into your heart, that he walks with you, that
He, above all, have mercy on you, wretched men who we are ... "Who will deliver us from this body of

Do not give rest to your soul (as in Proverbs 6, 1-5 - impressive, if we look through this context), do not
delude yourself with your salvation. If you were saved, you'd be embarrassed by the love of Yeshua so
that your life would be worthless to yourself, your bourgeois world would be a nightmare, you would
despise yourself. Believe, do not be fooled. A long time ago I stopped believing in my own salvation,
and oddly enough, this was a kind of hope for salvation, search for  a doctor the one who considers
himself ill, has said Yeshua in a gem of irony and provocation, as only He learned to do.

Today, I begin to be aware of my belief, I am among the worst among cretins.

Second, begin to "sabotage" your budget.

Do not get anything that does not belong to you (and believe, rightfullly, we have nothing), before being
holy to your eyes, stop "stealing", pay all your bills, give to the ones who ask you, manage your
resources well, do not spend with futile things  (which is a form of tithing to hell).

Manage your own tithe, be generous, "go" in the raw and pull out at least ten percent.

If you feel comfortable and trust your church, deliver it there, but the ideal is that you dismiss the
resources in order to trim the imbalances of this world, take responsibility for this administration, why 
to  choose the easy way?

Choose good causes, causes that allow people to get out of a miserable condition, whether physical
or spiritual, in our Brazilian case, the physical is inevitable. Tithing for over sixteen years and three
managing this, can I say so? You don’t get poor, on the contrary, the concern may even get reversed.
After all, remember, if you have R$ 1,00 you will be charged that day for your R$ 1,00, if you have a
thousand, thousand times you will be charged. "Who else was given, more will be charged" (It’s s not
nothing that you do not already know).

Third, schedule your death

This is the most difficult and most important, begin to be in love with your death, start dreaming of
persecution, torture and with everything else. Make this the object of your plans.

My madness? Then reread the New Testament, Yeshua spent much time trying to  “put in the mind” of
their  disciples His proposal, not only were the scribes and Pharisees who "did not understand" what
Yeshua spoke. Nobody got it!

The difference is that later, because of the stifling atmosphere of evil, the disciples finally understood
things and began to love death more than their own lives, making  the  unpleasing and unviable
message of Yeshua  be spreaded in the entire Western world at that time and of which we are heirs
and beneficiaries.

This is the true "Christianity," the rest is religiosity, chatterbox, and even deceit

Before this text seems insane too much, but if it is, then you should review your self- denomination and
break up with  "your Jesus" once and for all. For this is His Message.

A day in the presence of a group of listeners, Yeshua said these things in a very poetic, hearing this,
many went away, Yeshua, staring at his intimate group, also asked if they would not want to go along
with the others. They didn’t not go and started to change the world.

If you have not "gone yet"  an additional recommendation of Yeshua is given. "Weep for your children,"
inculcate this to them, let this heritage, the chances for them to know hard times are larger than ours,
who already had lived some time.
For two thousand years people have being wondering when will these days come and I can say that
many apocalypses occur during this period (for it is the atmosphere of evil that moves the heart of the
saved,  then God permits such things). It began, as I said, with his own disciples, who at first dreamed
of the Kingdom of God on earth and found out that this kingdom was somewhere else, amazingly
within them.

And consider that even in milder times, all passed by this outcome, after all, death is nothing but a
"personal apocalypse."

There are many other references, of Yeshua own, but if two "witnesses" are not enough, it will not be
the repetition of that which will be enough.

Remember, we have no time at all, because it simply does not exist except in our "sleep."

Marcos Mingra

Translated from Portuguese to English by Carlos Cavalcanti
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