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Removing a po the secular dust
"Slaughter the Passover lambs, consecrate yourselves and prepare the lambs for your
fellow countrymen, doing what the Lord commanded through Moses"

                                                                                                     2 Chr 35, 6

"And he said to them, "I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I

                                                                                                    Luc 22, 15
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It becomes clear that the death of Yeshua was the sole responsibility of Rome, although other actors have been
involved from the ethical point of view. From the strictly legal point of view, it was another murder of a Roman
Jewish citizen.

Gradually the curtain covering the wickedness of assigning blame to the Jews is dissipating.

Although this is not an "academic", statement some confusion is stimulated to occur among the laity of the
subject, the most nefarious is that the Jews did not accept Jesus as king, lord, or even as a messiah, which cost
him his life. If the Jews, or primarily the religious elite, would have accepted him he would not have died.

This is a statement or an inference that is false.

Yeshua never intended to escape death, He would not allow him this. He would not accept another death than
the death of other Jews delivered to the Romans. He was not indifferent to the political problems of his time. He
was no less insensitive to the Jewish leadership that sought to "cooperate" with the Pax Romana. He was no
less zealous than the Zealots .

Mashiach Yeshua was realistic, not a human realism, but in a spiritual realism, like the prophet Jeremiah.

Yeshua decided to be the Lamb of the Offer.

The conflict that existed between him and the Jews, especially the Pharisees, in no way differed from the conflict
that existed with his own followers.

Everyone, absolutely everyone who heard the preaching of the Messiah did not understand the proposal of
Yeshua Messiah.

All, without exception, wanted to get rid of the horrible, evil hand of Rome, a city whose genealogy begins with a
bitch, who perfected mechanisms of domination and death.

Could anyone blame them? Those who can blame them, wish them the same opportunity to "refine" the soul.

P'rushim as well as Yeshua established a conflict of mutual concerns. They wanted to dissuade others in their 
proposal and intentions.

The P'rushim on one hand, would not only be self-preservative, not that this was not important to them, they
also wanted to preserve Yeshua, knowing that his actions would lead to his death.

Yeshua, in turn, would only, in his odd ambition, that the Nation of Israel considered that beyond the Davidic
messianism, there was the suffering servant of Yosef, whose glory dreamed would indeed be an anti-glory, a
glory-based on contempt, suffering and salvation for his brothers and the world.

Yeshua wanted to show in his time that the will of God is not ours. Accept that, like Jeremiah, captivity can save
your eyes. That is, the output is to recognize that sometimes there is no escape, as it came to happen some 40
years later. That happened in the two thousand years later.

Yeshua did not intend to prevent the victory of Rome, just wanted to prove that the power of God doesn’t
manifest only in victory but in the redemption of the ethics, of the spirit of sacrifice and unconditional love.

This was the offering of Pesach. Some would come to understand, many would not.

Rome in its perversity, seeing that his ambition and his "religion" was not sustained and realizing the removal of
the doctrine of Moshiach ended up assimilating Christianity and perverting his message.

Marcos Mingra

Translated from Portuguese to English by Carlos Cavalcanti


Consider John 6:15, a text which contradicts the claims of non-acceptance of Jesus as king by the Jews.

MT 26:65 you can understand concern about the situation and not hatred or desire to kill. Rather, the purpose
wanted was to preserve Jewish lives, including that of Yeshua. The term "is guilty of death" means the inability to
avoid the situation. Verse 76 points to a Roman conduct , not Jewish.

When I write, "it just happened in two thousand years later," I say only that in practice, Jews, acted, or rather say,
followed Yeshua more than the  Christians after Constantine (See MT 21: 29-31). However I am not claiming, as
stated in the text "Protection Policy" that to follow Yeshua means no right to self-defense, because Yeshua is not a
inconsequential pacifist (see Luke 22, 36). There is a time to every purpose for Israel comes a time of resistance and
victory (Ec 3:3).
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