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Átrio dos Gentios
Removing a po the secular dust
"Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be
healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much"

                                                                                          Jam 5, 16
Paradise and Anxiety

Despite all the speculation, articles of faith are personal matters; everyone has their own spiritual
journey and should make their own discoveries. Something that has intrigued the human
imagination, which resolves all conflicts, especially the loss is the question of heaven; every
religion has its own conception.

In the West we have this vision of heaven with angels playing harps and an endless “quietness”,
perhaps even exasperating.

Well, I also have my concept, I look for signs of paradise here, with the elements that I know and
experience. I think the human volitions, desires and searches are always around to redeem the lost

Among the volitions or wills, two are clear to me. I’ll Call the first technological anxiety and the
second physical anxiety.

Technological Anxiety

Although it’s not unique to our generation, this anxiety has been able to meet in a unique way in
these 10 or 20 years. This is based on the desire to break distances, breaking down barriers of
time and space.

In addition to transportation facilities, the virtual world is the best representation of paradise. The
opportunities to access people (communication) and information are impressive.

Physical Anxiety

We are all, all the time, are seeking comfort and physical pleasure, imagine all of our wishes ...
The welfare of the feeling of being fed,  of waking up in a good mood, of a relaxing sleep, of being
dreaming good dreams, of making physiological needs,  of the sensations before, during and after
a sexual intercourse. And yet, the feeling of a nice day, without stress, sense of peace, or even
being loving or passionate.

Finally, add all these and other good feelings and imagine them occurring continuously with only
slight variations among them.

The theologians call this fullness, ie, the fullness of all that is inherently ours, but  which become
dormant and unnerve, sometimes because they are intermittent and often require much effort to
achieve them.

Well, that's a theory, but the possibility of experiencing the fullness of human potential is a strong
incentive not to lose focus.

At these times, Blaise Pascal’s logic is worth, if I am right, I gain everything, if I'm wrong, I do not
lose anything.

Of course, the counterpart to the above should also be considered.

Translated from Portuguese to English by Carlos Cavalcanti
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