Constraint me with your love
Átrio dos Gentios
Removing a po the secular dust
"since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their
consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending

                                                                                                   Rom 2, 15
We were called to hear the Word, we were also called to share it and make good use of it in our lives, we
were called to obey it and not deny it. One thing is certain; we have not received from it any authority to
judge it nor to judge what we have to hear from it.

Trial: fulfillment and denial of the Word

The Bible, the Word of God, has the capacity to transform our lives, turn us into ... Hypocrites. But
before the detractors, of the Bible, or those who seek to follow it, are encouraged to like this text, they
should remember that hypocrisy is the honor that addiction pays for virtue.

Hypocrisy is better than cynicism and perversity.

Some themes, some emerging, others not so much, if there is something new under the sun, are
constraining the church or even like taking something old and bitter, as disregard and hatred,
manifested in strong words, with its air of eternal truths, supported by poor performances, not to say

Were we called to judge? Certainly not...

Were we called to contextualize? Certainly not, either!

Well, and as to these "emerging,"  themes what shall we do?

You may ask, what are those themes? Because they are obvious, they will not be registered here,
because this would make this text too obvious, or rather say, they would reduce this text to the exact
limit of these themes. And we do not want to talk about it; we want to talk about judging or context.

Is there a way to escape from this trap? "

With a little intelligence, but above all with abundant love, yes, yes and yes! We can let the mediocrity
and go one small step toward Moshiach

Who should judge is the Word of God so that produces its fruit.

Let's put in these terms ... If you make a correct interpretation of the Word, those who receive it will be
judged by it, they will be honored or condemned by the Word, that is not in you.

Otherwise, if you will, by constraint (context) make a complacent interpretation, you're "honoring" those
who, in error, listen.

If you, for impiety make a hard interpretation, you are condemning that who, in ignorance or error,

Thus, we should behave in the same weight of condemnation of the Word and rely on the same hope
of salvation from the Word, that is, we must act on knowledge, repentance, and all in awe of God.

There is no use to extend the doors for all to hear otherwise they will hear something that produces
regret, these are accounting churches.

Virulent speech also does not solve, from those who seek more of themselves, seeking their own
omnipresence, while hiding their own addictions.

What should prevail is the Word, never be annulled, never serve our own purposes.

It’s  look at it not only the parts we like, the parts that interest us, but also at those teachings and
ordinances that we have never had difficulty in obeying, which we are good at teaching.

We must look at the passages that we do not like, those which are ugly, hard and dry and say, "If this
is so, so it will be" the known and requested amen.

Marcos Mingra

Translated from Portuguese to English by Carlos Cavalcanti
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